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their kid and moving to washington state. here is michelle with more. >> good morning, alyson, good to talk to you. >> so he is packing up and moving his children to washington state while his wife is missing. how can josh justify this? >> since he was fired from his job, he can't get more work and having trouble making a house payment and he needs to be with his family at this time and so he wants to be able to move his children to washington state to live with his family and to be honest, he has been staying there since before the holidays with his family. his children is there right now. he is back in, taw with a family member and they are planing to pack up the house today. he reached out to his church and friends and in the neighborhood and they will help him so he can move to washington. >> michelle, we showed video of scott peterson. this is reminiscent of when scott peterson sold lacy peterson's car. these are not actions of men who believe that their lives will come back. >> it is odd. i have to say. but i can't. it is also in other cases that you and i worked on, alyson, husbands
to washington. >> not a lot of difference. >> health care is flushed down the toilet current it doesn't look like much is happening in health care. the president switched the emphasis to jobs and getting americans back to work. >> do we buy it might be dead in the water. nancy pole peel said we might not have the votes. >> i don't see the votes for it at this time. the members have been very clear in our caucus about the fact they didn't like it before it had a provision that are unpalable to them. >> something smells odd to me about this whole thing. >> even in the midst of all of the problems that health health was facing this summer. democrats seemed to say it was going to get passed and all of the opposition, suddenly they are hedging the math. >> they did the numbers. >> i don't buy it. >> when senator chris dodd said it is time to take a breather and a haitus on this. he suggested a pause of a month or six weeks. he was in favor of it, too. maybe we need to take this time and say we need it to take a month. it isn't as if eulhaving nothing to do around here. there's a lot of other issu
. >> this morning, the washington post at least is reporting that new york city has been taken off of the table for an option for the trial of ksm and co-conspir ators. the officials are considering other options after the push back from new york. it is more than money. maybe that is the bottom line. but push back from the residents down in lower manhattan and a logistical nightmare. where should he be tried? there are two different options. what they are considering is washington d.c. and the eastern district of virginia because they have successfully done it in the past. >> the question across america should they be accused or tried in a military tribunal or a civilian court. 52 percent said military tribunal and 40 percent in the u.s. court . 8 percent don't know. >> what happened here mayor bloomburg turned around. he flipped because of the cost and the security. governor patterson flipped and police chief kelly. everybody here in new york flipped and the president and their corner are going to have to listen. >> we have more headlines for you. stopping with a fox alert. u.s. missile strike
for massachusetts this is a refer endum on what is going in washington. >> last word, i agree. >> scott can pull this through. will they push health care through before he is seated. >> i think they will push health care through without delaying his seat. you know his swearing in. i think there will be a way to get it done. >> joanna rice and michael graham. we are all watching the special election on tuesday. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> health conditions are dangerous in haiti as survivors search desperately for food and why danny glover is coming under fire and a lot of it for comments he made on the tragedy next. >> and spanish street signs are drawing a lot of fire. the controversy, state ahead. $$ >> we have a fox news alert. 200,000, are feared dead this morn hundreds of thousands of others who survived the massive quake if haiti are in need of drinking water and food. secretary of state hillary clinton is due to arrive in port-au-prince to meet with the haitian president and u.s. military officials to discuss how best to help the health care there. >> harsh critism of dann
advance his nomination. joining us to talk more about this from washington is caroline shively. tell us what the problem is here, caroline. >> alisyn, surely more controversy picking up. some senators knew before they voted to confirm errol southers, that he mischaracterized an incident in his past, 20 years ago when he was a fbi agent and accessed confidential records about his ex-wife's boyfriend twice. he told a senate committee he asked a police officer to get those records, but a day after the vote southers admitted he was the one who did the searches. southers says the incorrect testimony was inadvertent. he couldn't remember what he had done back in 1988 even it got him a censure from the fbi. susan collins from maine, says she suspected it at the hearing, but approved it. now see says she's satisfied with the explanation. >> jim demint isn't. originally blocked over originally fearing he'd unionize tsa. now concerned he can't tell the truth. hair i reid pushed for a quick firm confirmation vote, but he might have a fight on his hand. >> i always think of recess from elementary s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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